Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) Gets Pictured Looking Like a Galaxy S8

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After several leaks in connection with the Galaxy A5 (2018) and Galaxy A7 (2018) lately we’ve been traversing to a large amount of the Galaxy A8 (2018). It remains a mysterious figure, but today once two pictures of your device show up we\’ve got a brand new theory. Mind you, these hands on shots work to exhibit the?Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018), not much of a regular A8.

The device feels much like the Galaxy S8, but with a beefier frame, that appears to stay ahead of the narrow bezel screen. The wonderful pictures seen here derive from Weibo and sources from China also point out that the Galaxy A7 (2018) that leaked numerous times will finish up renamed because Galaxy A8+ (2018). In which say that the Galaxy A5 will find yourself as being the regular A8 (2018), without having any plus.

It’s likely that with the similarity with the S8, naming this A8 would be fit. We don’t have specs in this newcomer, but we expect 6 GB of RAM for the A8+, an excellent Exynos CPU, a dual front camera in accordance with another recent leak and a fingerprint scanner placed within the side. We can also go to a dual back camera, besides the front side one. The midrange phone could have a Full HD+ resolution for an 18:9 aspect including a generous 3300+ mAh battery.

With lots of “8” numbers appearing, Android 8.0 Oreo was obviously a given.

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