Huawei P20, New Honor Phones and even more Leaked in Huawei 2018 Roadmap

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Huawei just leaked its 2018 roadmap in a major way, with all the flagship Huawei P20 also listed. Everything happened during the recent press event in Israel, where name P20 was casually mentioned and we learn more detail about potential releases buy below.

Huawei P20 was leaked for some time as being the Huawei P11 and quickly rumored to have 3 cameras in the dust somehow. It’s also likely to sport a narrow bezel screen, a fresh design format and Face Unlock, possibly even that has a cutout for just a special system. Leica optics can be a given, plus the Kirin 970 CPU. The leaked roadmap mentions a Huawei P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite model in Q2.

They is likely to be announced at MWC 2018 and debut afterwards, around April. You need to note that in Q1 the Huawei Mate 10 Lite and Mate 10 Pro will arrive internationally, in addition to two mystery phones, codenamed Maya and Salina. They might be midrange or elementary units, derived from the Nova series. There’s and a Honor 1 and also a potential router codenamed B618.

A Huawei A2 Band, Huaei Scale and Huawei 360 Camera also create the cut. Q2 depends upon the P20 models, and also a new Honor and the other router. Q3 just has a third Honor phone, possibly, a Honor 10 and Q4 brings the possible Huawei Mate 11, Mate 11 Lite and Pro. All of these sound perfectly plausible so we can’t help but notice the number of Honor phones are positioned for 2018.

By the way jumping from Huawei P10 to P20 may mean we’re up for much more innovation than this holiday season.

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