Apple A9 May be That is generated by Globalfoundries, as Company Expands 14 Nm Production

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Apple may be using the likes of Samsung and TSMC in making its A series chips for your iPhone and iPad, only one more partner can’t hurt, right? The people of Barron searched into the firm Globalfoundries determined they were expanding their 14 nm production for unknown reason.


They happen to be recently connected with Apple’s A9 chip so they might just be among the list of new partners. It’s correct that the choices process is though because you have to consider good yields along with a big quantity of chips to quality, which giants like Sammy and TSMC both stick to. Globalfoundries is able to rely on its factory in Malta to generate 14 nm chips and also at its better if could make 40.000 silicon wafers per month.

This firm is own Abu Dhabi financial entities and in case need be, I’m sure they may be expanded. While other individuals are yearning 10 nm and 7 nm chipsets, like Samsung does, Intel will believe that they will follow Moore’s law more closely and Apple will closely be watching chip makers to pick out the perfect one. Only a quick mention here: Samsung will be able to produce 30k to 40k wafers a month, so Globalfoundries is usually a solid alternative.


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