Apple CEO Tim Cook Discusses Plans for Manufacturing Devices in India, Local Software Hub With Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India within the last few week coupled with a meeting with Indian pm, Narendra Modi, discussing Apple’s involvement using this type of country later on. Apple desires to attain valuable talent pool near your vicinity and perhaps even approach manufacturing in your community.


Firms like Xiaomi and Foxconn have expressed desire for making devices in India within the last few months, so Apple’s approach is logical. Cook and Modi discussed cyber security information encryption likewise. The number one Minister detailed his Digital India initiative and objectives into the future, like e-education, health and increasing the farmers’ incomes.

Apple will need to support such initiatives, whether or not this would like to really enter the minds and hearts of people. Apple is creating a Map Development Centre in Hyderabad and Tim Cook praised a nearby app development talent. I wouldn’t go as long as to predict that Apple will open up factories in India or it really is partners will, nevertheless it could happen sometime soon. Nice to find out the Cupertino firm opening to europe in addition to China.


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