New Apple Patent Details Dual SIM Dual Standby Caller identification Functionality

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We’ve learned to not read far too much into Apple patents, particularly given that they don’t all morph into the real world products. Today’s new patent is due to Dual SIM and Caller ID Dual Standby, hinting at a potential dual SIM iPhone. For many this is a blasphemy…


Traditionally Apple doesn’t offer dual SIM devices, although those could well be hugely popular in China and India. America Patent and Trademark Office published this patent application, revealing an apple iphone, system and strategy to provide caller ID services in handsets by using a Dual SIM Dual Standby wireless phone. If Apple does attempt to deliver this tech, they can want to be away from the crowd, with both SIMs offering LTE downloads as well.


This isn’t on many phones, that produce you pick between SIMs to make use of their 4G LTE connectivity. Remember the fact that the patent is kind of vague and likewise identifies dual SIM portable gaming systems, Apple Watches, headphones, wearables as well as MacBooks. The antenna setup would most likely also have to change this period, that might make things worse.


via patentlyapple

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