5.8 inch iPhone Pro Can use Folded OLED Side Screens so it will be Scaled-down

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Apple has been said for being implementing an OLED screen iPhone for some time now, however today we certainly have more intel during this project. Apparently, a named iPhone Pro by using a 5.8 inch OLED panel will debut batch that we get and it’ll come with an interesting design approach.


The handset is rumored to depend on a screen that wraps around the sides and delivers virtual volume buttons and other controls. “Folded edge side screens” are also mentioned by DisplayMate’s Ray Soneira and also this brings us back in that patent for any cylindrical New iphone 4 awarded a short while ago. That model trusted a glass chassis and also got rid of all physical buttons.


This signifies that one of several future iPhones may perhaps be the same shape as a cylinder and then we might even see it using 3D Touch instead of buttons. Choosing OLED implies that Apple can be helped by the point that such panels might be manufactured on flexible substrates, which allow the screen be curved and rounded like the Galaxy Edge approach. To my opinion, I’d say particularly if is at least 36 months away for Apple…


via Phone Arena

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