iPhone 7 Components Supposely Get Pictured, When compared to iPhone 6S Parts

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The iPhone 7 is all over again the main topics of rumors, since today we were find some pictures for the future flagship’s components, that are pictured over the internet. Apparently they\’ve also been balanced with precisely the same parts from your iPhone 6S (pictured in red below).


Apparently that’s the rear side on the screen panel during the first shot with ultra small punctures for screws. The second picture below shows the front side side. Comparing this panel on the on the list of iPhone 6S there are a few differences, similar to the size and site of the people top connectors and distances between screws by way of example. Also leading up from your older gen appliances are two connectors, as the newcomer has 3.


The second image shows top panel (at least thus it seems). The 3D Touch piece position is different along with the edges can be really slim, although we can’t verify 100% that the chassis itself won’t get ripped the bezels. That extra connector bugs me and makes me think that maybe we’ll purchase the fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. Rumors also discussed the iPhone 7 coming with no audio jack and choosing Bluetooth connectivity to transmit audio to headphones.


via apple.club.tw

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