Supposed iPhone 7 Prototype Leaked in Poorly "Directed" Clip, Apparently From Foxconn (Video)

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Have you heard of the movie “Beyond Compton”? Why not consider “Beyond Foxconn”? Well, ppos is really the fabrication below, a so called leaked video that’s purported to show an apple iphone 7 prototype. Probability of it being real aren\’t even 1%, but let’s dissect it first.

iphone 7 leak 2

It’s much like the makers of your vid are trying too hard for making this could be seen as it was made in a Foxconn plant. First we have seen having it . white gloves handling the cell phone, just like he/she’s in a hurry after which at the end you can hear someone yelling “Hey!”, almost like the worker was caught red handed somehow and was forbidden.

iphone 7 leak 1

There’s additionally a amount of Foxconn logo emerging once the shouting is heard. Also, the iPhone 7 prototype looks ridiculous. It has edge to edge bezels, appears to be produced from monoblock bit of metal, a shiny one for that matter and ditches your home button. The leading camera is actually centered and doesn’t have a very flash, that is an additional radical vary from previous Apple designs.

We’ve seen leaks from Foxconn before, yet this are few things it. Or possibly is it… ?

via Phone Arena

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