Potential iPhone 8 Appears in Italian Singer's Music Video, But It's Probably A Fake (Video)

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It’s been a long time since we last saw a handset leaked within a Hollywood movie, but nowadays they’re appearing in music videos. Today’s leak should reveal mysterious edge to edge phone within the Italian singer’s music video, but it’s not always the iPhone 8 many people think it\’s.

First the many artist involved is Tiziano Ferro, favored in Italy and Europe and he’s made a almost remake to the “Hangover” series. It for that song “Lento/Veloce” was filmed in Las vegas nevada and contains a scene and among the characters handling an apple iphone 7 Plus. Program hands it as much as an Elvis impersonator and lo and behold it turns into a mystery handset.

It’s meant to be an iPhone 8, but it’s in truth just a benefit to edge mystery device. It’s probably simply render over a normal iPhone, because we are able to observe that the screen doesn’t even cover the facade evenly from all angles. There’s no “chin”, no Home button, nothing. Still, it’s nice to see an Italian artist cared a whole lot about buying a futuristic phone within his video and achieving some coverage from the tech media.

If it were an american rapper I’d somehow still find it simpler to trust it was really a genuine prototype. Maybe the next time!

via Mobilissimo.ro

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