Early and Ugly Sort of iOS Shown in Prototype Form, Together With Pre

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Believe it you aren\’t, a while ago Apple considered giving iOS an iPod-like overall look and feeling, at the least so far as the interface can be involved. A new video has surfaced immediately, showing us prototype versions within the Apple phone UI, courtesy of famous leakster Sony Dickson.

It appears that Apple officials was required to make a choice between one design prototype called P1, developed by Tony Fadell, the daddy on the iPod along with the P2, that was the effort of Scott Forstall and the team, that handled the Mac some time past. The so called Acorn OS was P1 and this was expected to mimic ipod controls in virtual fashion, while P2 is the the one that spawned today\’s interface.

Of course here it’s just placeholders for options like Call, SMS and “Other”, a menu resulting in the music activity, Network and Preferences area. Clearly there was additionally a toggle for Airplane mode in addition to a phone dialing screen, from what I’ve seen. That has been the primary core and skeleton with the was about becoming a glossy and trendy UI, that at its core hasn’t changed in years now.

One could only imagine what failure the iPhone would\’ve been with that iPod UI..

via The Verge

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