iPhone 7 Pro Detailed Sketches Leaked, With Dual Camera Included

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The iPhone 7 Pro has leaked yet again, on this occasion in realistic-looking schematics, shown below, for @OnLeaks. The overall format won’t be quite different from the iPhone 6S Plus, but you will see some extras.


For example we’ll get 3 Smart Connector pins at the rear, much like the connector to the iPad Pro. We’ll get speaker holes in the bottoom with out audio jack, in addition to a dual camera cutout. Apple can be told improve the overall RAM quantity to 3 GB, keep screen a 5.5 incher with Full HD resolution with each of the camera sensors have a 12 MP resolution.

OIS and 2-3x optical zoom is speculated in the process. Wireless charging is required in case this model is even 0.5 mm thinner versus the predecessor, I’m sure its cameras will likely be protruding. The situation is still an unibody aluminum affair and also the edges might be rounded. It’s not really certain that Apple launches this model in 2010 or perhaps the next, when the iPhone turns Several years old, but seeing the amount of the leaks, in 2010 sounds likely.

via techz.vn

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