TSMC Production Seriously Afflicted with Taiwan Quake; Apple and Huawei Suppliers Also Register Production Issues

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If you’ve watched international news during the last day, you surely know that a devastating 6.7 Richter degree quake has struck Taiwan. It\’s done a tone of damage, claimed lives and also affected manufacturing of some major suppliers, including individuals who Apple and Huawei use.


TSMC is considered to be were affected and it’ll use them a short time to go back to full production of the Apple A9 chipset by way of example. Industry estimates prove that the Apple A9 processor carries a quarterly creation of 37 million units, which often TSMC handles about 17 million as well as impact predicted to be felt come early july apparently.

At least the factories registered no casualties, which is advantageous to hear. Producing Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin chips is also affected by the quake, as are the MediaTek chips currently in manufacturing phase. Between this concern as well as the Foxconn fire, organic meat see some limitations of units, both for iPhones and perhaps Huawei flagships.

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