iPhone 7 Plus Rumored for getting Dual Camera, Gets mentioned in This Version by Leak

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We’ve heard a theory around the iPhone 6S sporting dual cameras, but that didn’t pan out not surprisingly. Now, the same rumor will go around about the iPhone 7 and then there’s a certain amount of leak regarding the iPhone 7 Plus.


The handset has been said to get a dual camera version, based on people in close proximity to Apple suppliers and partners. The codename “iPhone7 plus Dual” just came out, which often can either mean it’s a dual SIM device, something which Apple would never concede to, or a dual camera unit. Sony is alleged to produce the sensors, by using a 12 megapixel main sensor with an extra one with telephoto lens support.

Improved optical image stabilization plus a broader framing are promised too. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently predicted a dual camera version, too and declared it will be the cause of as many as 35% of all the iPhone 7 Plus shipments. While HTC One M8 and Huawei Honor 6 were the final mainstream phones with such cameras, they weren’t exactly huge hits. Will Apple have the capacity to make that happen?

via ithome.com

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