NFS No Limits Review (iPhone 6S Plus): Fun Racer, however Not one of the most Wanted NFS (Video)

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We experienced a blast with NFS Popular back in the days in the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini and it also sure took EA a little while to generate a follow-up. NFS No Limits is always that title and this came after a large amount of a delay. We unquestionably game around the iPhone 6S Plus along a great time, as well as locating the occasional letdown.

nfs no limits ios 1

Part endless runner, but without lanes, part arcade racer, the experience is really a freemium one, with timers and energy meter included. You will get cash and gold bars to enjoy on cars and upgrades, available as greeting cards, as well as energy meter to your races themselves. Then there’s extra resource invested in car customization but yet another one used Tournament races.

Every every so often you will enjoy free car parts and cards that after gathered form a fresh car, but that sure gets a while. The game features the “Campaign”, with a bit of a post around it, but it’s kind of a few races, that ends by using a boss battle of sorts. Special occasions are available, including one in which you strut around in Snoop Dogg’s car.

nfs no limits ios 2

The control is fairly simple, with a tap within the right or left side within the screen to show the motor car in that area, a swipe up for nitro and down for drift. The acceleration is automatic and there’s fashionable mini game early on, which provides an extra boost, in the event the ran is on. Customization is a major section of the experience, although it’s very costly.

You’ll pay for roof spoilers, mirrors, headlights, exhausts, hood spoilers, full body kits and modify colors even. Races are divided into the standard competition against 3 other guys, nitro rush (follow blue lines to have nitro and stay with the time limit), time trial, private, Airborne, Blockade and Hunter. Aforementioned means that you can derive from behind and chase power ahead, originating from handicap.

nfs no limits ios 6

Graphics are pretty nice, although if you\’ve found yourself technical regarding it, you might notice some strange texture when damage occurs. The songs is generic, gameplay is fun, but races are really short, about a minute or so a treadmill minute and a half tops. Every once in a because you can do takedowns along with the police may get in terms of.

We give this title an 8.9 out from 10 and you can download it here, having known that while fun, it can do feel repetitive plus a one trick pony.

nfs no limits ios 5

nfs no limits ios 4

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