4 inch iPhone (2016 Edition) Gets Previewed briefly On the job Clip; Major iPhone 7c/6c Leak?! (Video)

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The folks of Micgadget have scored what definitely seems to be the leak of the season, if not the leak in the last half decade approximately. They search to get getting through a 4 inch 2016 iPhone within the video below, with all the unit coming straight from a Foxconn factory.


This could be the iPhone 6c or 7c we’ve heard a great deal of about and it also looks just like a smaller iPhone 6, with a 4 inch screen. It doesn’t resemble a dummy unit plus it definitely seems to be metallic and glass, with all the screen having print smudges about it. There’s talk on this device being released March, possibly when using the Apple Watch 2 and sporting LTE connectivity, plus Apple Pay support.

Other rumors mention an Apple A8 chipset, 1.2 GB of RAM including a 1624 mAh battery. Only 8 GB of storage is going to be inside and the price are going to be around $549 in USA, however when again these are speculations and leaks. The handset doesn’t look half bad and so i contain a feeling Apple will seriously investigate this breach. Micgadget can be a solid source, well, i often believe it’s the real thing.

via micgadget

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