iPhone 7 Supposed Pictures Pop up banner on Supplier Site; Apple Apparently In to Older Design, Adopting Wireless Charging

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I’m can bet you will encounter at the least 2 or 3 dozen leaked pictures on the iPhone 7 across the next Six months time and 90% of those shall be fake. In 2010 starts off with the images below, that surfaced on Gizchina, after being leaked at a supplier website.


As usual, we take them which includes a big old touch of suspicion, especially since Apple may seem to return to the form traits with the new iphone 4 and 5. That highlighted metal frame hasn’t been intended for a while now as well as source details a 2.5D glass panel here, plus flat metal sides. The structure seems slimmer than previous generations, despite the rumors of any bigger battery and more storage, particularly for the iPhone 7 Plus model.


Interestingly, these shots don’t show the rear of the phone, they do show it on a wireless charging dock, meaning we’re intending to find the same feature that’s been popular on Android flagships this past year. Finally, we obtain phone inside of the phone, supposed to contain the powerful Apple A10 processor. Meantime Apple is said to generally be implementing the iPhone 7c, that may be caused by leak in substantially more details any time now.

What are in this leak?



via Gizchina

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