iPhone 6 Gets New Packaging Pictured in Asia, With Phone Render above

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Last year’s iPhone 6 box had been a bit puzzling, mainly because it didn\’t have any drawing or render at the very top, merely a protruding type of the handset. Well, apparently, the iPhone 6 is receiving the latest box, by the leaked picture below.


Of course, we will be managing fake, and we take this by using a big grain of salt. Basically the modern box could possibly be glossy (unless that’s a plastic wrap on top of it), while previous iPhone 6 box was matte. This design approach for the packaging reminds me with the iPhone 6s one, this has the render on the phone number one, though with a new image on the watch\’s screen.

The new box shown above shows a chrysantemum and looks quite fancy. Maybe it\’s area of the new Tim Cook and Apple method of China, maybe with localized boxes to obtain the public interested in many. This really is all speculation in addition to a mere picture, and we wait to check out more such packaging.


via news.mydrivers.com

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