Apple A10 Processor to pay attention to Multi Threading and provides Around 6 Cores; Traveling to iPad Air 3 and iPhone 7 The coming year (Rumors)

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Well the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus haven’t even reached virtually all of the country shelves worldwide and we’re writing about the iPhone 7 already. Today more information about Apple’s A10 chipset surfaced, saying that the chip may offer nearly 6 cores. It\’s going to be included about the iPad Air 3 apparently.


In the meantime, you ought to know that this iPhone 6s and 6s Plus consist of the Apple A9 SoC, that promises a 70% CPU performance boost on the Apple A8 and uses 16 nm production process (some sources say 14 nm, but it’s still up for debate). Last I heard the Apple A10 was being shipped exclusively by TSMC, nonetheless the new rumors look at a three pronged approach.

Aside from Samsung and TSMC, Intel will also have a sheet of the orders, if Apple does opt to go using a 14 nm manufacturing process. Exactly the same source that details the A10 also gave accurate info regarding the A9 previous to its launch, therefore we normally trust me. So in addition to having 6 cores, the chipset is claimed to target multi threading. It’s also not yet determined if they’ll choose to 14 or perhaps 10 nm manufacturing process.


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