iPhone 7 to show up in Dual SIM Version, With Waterproof Body and Glass Back Panel

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Apple is thought for being rediscovering the reassurance of here is your chance board for that iPhone 7, that’s now rumored to reach you having a waterproof case sufficient reason for a glass back panel. The information comes from China so we also discover the unit will receive a dual SIM dual standby version.


Dual SIM phones have become popular in China, many local device makers only launching dual SIM versions of their total phones, with no single SIM ones. Apple could pull a small launch on the dual SIM iPhone, only for the Chinese market, for example. However, knowing Apple like we perform, they probably wouldn’t wish to miss the opportunity of selling a further iPhone.

As far because other rumor goes, the long run iPhone are going to be “super slim”, in accordance with sources and adopt a dual glass format, with a glass panel upfront and a second behind. Waterproofing a glass phone is one area we haven’t seen usually lately and positively not from mainstream device makers. Obviously, initially everyone will declare that Apple copied Samsung, once they used glass in the Note 5 and Galaxy S6. However, Apple also had glass over the iphone4 back, so they’re just bringing that approach back.

via Weibo

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