iPhone 6s Plus Leaked Through Aluminum Case Pictures

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Usually we receive to check out leaks regarding the iPhone 6s or frequently even the iPhone 7 (or better said concepts), however today it’s finally the turn with the iPhone 6s Plus to leak. What you are able see below is its aluminum case supposedly.


Also, there’s a rumor going around that Apple may retire 16 GB versions together with the 6s models, therefore, the 32 GB units is definitely the new minimum. As usual, the “S” iteration offers camera improvement along with minor tweaks. The picture shown here reveals that the two screw holes are actually moved a little. Therefore the speaker will be slightly different, for the reason that holes mean that’s the computer that keeps the speakers into position.

The supply of the leak also covers that this material true is made from feels unique from one in the iPhone 6 Plus case. Of course, he probably means it’s stronger, since it’s a new aluminum generation. Meanwhile the original source web site is down and can remain prefer that for long periods. Notice other novelties here?


via Pocketnow

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