The OnePlus 6 Leaks in Antutu Benchmark – Scores 276,510 Points, Beating iPhone X and Rumored Mix 2s Scores

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Well folks, situations are warming up fast in Android. In stark contrast to in 2009, we’ve have a great number of rumors and leaks for flagships rather than Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup in H1 this holiday season. Two days back we got the primary leaks associated with the OnePlus 6. It contained a smartphone having a notch at the top – rendering it another device to follow the trend Apple set a year ago when using the iPhone X. Now, it appears as though the OnePlus 6 will not stay away concerning performance either. We’ve got an Antutu score to the smartphone today – which puts it right presents itself current and upcoming flagship smartphones. Check it out below for more details.

The OnePlus 6 Surfaces On Antutu Benchmark and Scores 276510 Points, Managing to defeat Apple’s iPhone X; Rumors of any Notched, 19:9 Display Also Seemingly Corroborated

Today’s leak, if true, will permanently shake some misconception for Android flagships. At this time, it’s Samsung who wears the flagship crown. The Korean tech giant has led consistently in Android gadgets, outlasting other individuals including LG, Sony and HTC. However, because it becomes cost effective show them high-end features and specifications on gadgets, we’ve got an inkling that maybe Samsung’s position will change in the future.

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One big basis for this are Chinese companies. Both OnePlus and Xiaomi have excellent offerings, they can are willing to improve. The previous manufacturers have economical smartphones, when using the full capability to take on the giants in computing terms. These has made its mettle by designing devices fully competent at standing aesthetically them selves two feet. And already, leaks choosing smartphones from the companies promise us the gadgets can offer Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ a run for his or her money.

Now, it’s the OnePlus 6 which leaks which includes a fantastic Antutu score. In the end be aware that benchmarks do not paint an accurate picture for any device’s holistic performance, they still look after a very good metric allowing you a standardized comparison and now, it appears as if the OnePlus 6 will dominate Antutu. Benchmarks within the smartphone show a tremendous 276510 point score, which beats every available and rumored device.

This result also outperforms alleged benchmarks for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. In addition they advise that the OnePlus 6 will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 which really isn’t surprising. However, checking score above, we must wonder in the volume of RAM that OnePlus will equip the smartphone with. In any case, Samsung dropped the ball during this category within the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, and it’s open picking for others now. Absolutely suit, are they going to respond? We’ll discover in time. Till then, a lot more and inform us if you agree inside the comments section below.

Source: Android Central

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