iOS 12 Concept Music App Features New Design, Intuitive Controls, Dark Mode & More [Video]

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A new iOS 12 concept has surfaced also it paints the songs app from a far sophisticated manner in comparison to what it is today.

3D Touch Controls, Cover Flow, New Design, Intuitive Controls – Meet the New iOS 12 Concept Music App!

Created by Litaya, the brand new iOS 12 Music app concept is certainly a thing of beauty. It just redefines the background music app in several ways and adds features that in some way does add to the software’s credentials. Let’s jump to the video first you will need to will talk about the features.

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It all starts with that fresh ‘Now Playing’ screen which happens to be splashed that has a generous degree of color instead of just white. If you are searching to skip to a higher song, you then don’t really need to tap on dedicated buttons, just swipe to be. The control have been replaced with the button which you (apparently) deep press to disclose the whole volume slider. Same is true for liking songs too.

If you flip the unit to panoramic mode you will then be greeted using a feature that is now removed from iOS – Cover Flow. Will it be a superb addition? Yes. Yes it is. Shifting, the Now Playing screen even pulsates as the music playing device, giving users an active feel. Last though not the smallest amount, a Dark Mode continues to be thrown in the mix in addition, which looks, well, epic!

Though these concept really looks slick, but it’s a only a concept. Therefore we could not see anything such as this whenever Apple takes the wrap off its next-generation of mobile software. Also, realize reports that your year’s software update will focus just on squashing bugs and improving performance, and we must keep our hopes a bit low in regards to expecting feature additions.

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But Need to admit, this iOS 12 concept is far too darn good.

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