Future Android Version May Hide Calls to Sensitive Numbers to defend Victims

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Regardless ones manufacturer’s smartphones we use, the one solution which can be mutually decided upon by so many people are that domestic violence is a horrible thing. Victims often have nowhere to turn to, so they depend upon local hotlines for solace. However, victims still risk their abuser(s) figuring out that they’ve experienced touch with said helplines.

As another respite for victims, some countries which include Spain have regulations ready that disallow helpline numbers from looking in a phone bill. We can’t talk about how effective the technique continues to be, but it’s been through area for quite some time, thus i reckon it requires to a minimum of have obtained an iota of success, or more. However, the sufferers call logs will always be vulnerable and can be easily accessed through the abuser(s), further endangering the victim.

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It may be a possibility to hide certain numbers from call logs soon

Several commits to your Android Free Project (AOSP) indicate that your future form of Android may start to coat calls to numbers for instance domestic violence hotlines to protect victims of domestic abuse. The commit patches the Telecommunications service in Android to examine against an XML file comprising an index of sensitive numbers corresponding to a certain country.

According with a separate commit, the domestic violence hotlines from countries including The united kindom, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, and Austria might be hidden on the call log. It also promises support to get more countries as time passes.

The approach is not perfect whatsoever and definitely will call for a large amount of fine-tuning before you can see any actual results. Creating and a database of all helpline numbers worldwide is usually a monumental task itself. Throwing them in just one XML file aren\’t a creative way of going about it. An alternative solution method works with a compilation of overlays for each (MCC Mobile Country Code) to define what numbers to cover up through the call log, rather then one giant XML file.

We can\’t say what number of victims of domestic abuse such a change would protect, in case it contributes greatly even one, your energy are going to have been worth the money. What we do know is among the many two methods will likely find its distance to a potential Android release, but we don’t know the one that yet.

Source: XDA developers

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