Best Third-Party USB Type-C Charging Cables for Galaxy S9 & S9+ [List]

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Looking for third-party USB Type-C charging cables for your personal Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+? Many of us have the perfect options site.

Don’t Get Ordinary USB Type-C Charging Cables in your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. Acquire the best Available Right Now for a Reasonable Price.

The marketplace is flooded by using a lot of USB Type-C charging cables but a majority of ones offer either mediocre quality or just forget to do what they are designed to as advertised. That’s why simply gonna be happy with the normal cable and won’t let potential Galaxy S9 / S9+ buyers do that either. So, in today’s list we shall highlight the most beneficial USB Type-C charging cables available right now it doesn\’t only survive regular tasks and will eventually keep working for a while too.

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Note: These USB Type-C cables are USB-A to C so they your style during the official charger that includes the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Anker PowerLine USB Type-C Cable

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If you will need a no-fuss, basic Type-C cable, than the ought to be the first choice. It’s tough, and even supports USB 3.0 speeds for moving files around if you\’d like. It’s several of the charging cables available today.

It cost just $6.99.

Buy Anker PowerLine USB Type-C Cable [Amazon link]

Anker PowerLine+ USB Type-C Cable

Imagine the PowerLine cable above, however with in excess of twice the toughness. That’s what the PowerLine+ combination of cables from Anker are all about. Because USB 3.0 in one end this means you can double that as a sync cable too.

It costs you just $13.99.

Buy Anker PowerLine+ USB Type-C Cable [Amazon link]

Anker PowerLine+ USB Type-C Cable [2-Pack]

This is identical cable as above however it will come in a 2-pack and it is USB 2.0 on a single end. It’s best you retain this one around strictly for charging purposes only simply because it are able to offer slow data speeds.

it costs just $9.99.

Buy Anker PowerLine+ USB Type-C Cable [2-Pack] [Amazon link]

AUKEY USB Type-C Cable [5-Pack]

This is usually an insane monetary value couple of cables. It is packaged in multiple sizes which is USB 3.0 using one end. Therefore it is just a dynamic cable that should it is able to you throw on-line.

It will set you back just $15.99.

Buy AUKEY USB Type-C Cable [5-Pack] [Amazon link]

AUKEY USB Type-C Cable Nylon Braided [3-Pack]

AUKEY’s nylon braided cables are an element that it is possible to depend upon, the same as Anker’s PowerLine+. This is supplied in a 3-pack, and again offer great affordable.

It costs you just $13.99.

Buy AUKEY USB Type-C Cable Nylon Braided [3-Pack] [Amazon link]

Belkin USB Type-C Cable

This might appear like a common cable it really is efficient at USB 3.1 (10Gbps) speeds. Meaning this cable will never be a bottleneck if you are transferring something through your Galaxy S9 or S9+ with a computer or any other source.

It costs you just $15.

Buy Belkin USB Type-C Cable [Amazon link]

Mophie USB Type-C Cable

You know situations are getting serious should the cable contains a ‘PRO’ in their name. This blog from Mophie does, and it\’s one of the better possibilities open now for charging only as speeds are limited to USB 2.0.

it costs just $24.95.

Buy Mophie USB Type-C Cable [Amazon link]

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