Rejoice: Apple Watch Series 3 Can Now Track Skiing and Snowboarding Activity

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Apple has today announced that this Apple Watch Series 3 can track skiing and snowboarding activity, due to updates that have been pushed to particular apps within the App Store.

Apple Watch Series 3 is getting ready to Conquer Mountains with New Activity Tracking Features

Compared to previous generation models, the Series 3 carries with it an interesting trick up its sleeve – a barometric altimeter. As a result of its inclusion, developers are now able to create latest apps and experiences for any Apple Watch Series 3. Apple is making that fact known and has officially announced that it is new smartwatch is actually efficient at tracking skiing and snowboarding activities.

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How does the Apple Watch Series 3 do this? Using third-party apps, of course. As Apple has outlined on its website that watchOS 4.2 brought with it new custom workout APIs then it can “enable tracking of specialized metrics.” But that’s not every, developers have full accessibility to the “built-in GPS and altimeter” in the process. So, starting today, you could head over to the App Store, and download new updates for the next apps: Slopes, snoww, Squaw Alpine, Snocru and Ski Tracks, allowing you to track your skiing and snowboarding sessions.

What sort if metrics will probably be measured? I’m glad you asked. You could expect stuff like total vertical descent and vertical distance, the total volume of runs you’ve had, average and maximum speeds, the overall time spend as well as, calories burned. Obviously, involves data might be synced with the Health app you have the best with how it all decreased during your session.

If you use the Slopes or snoww apps, you will delighted to discover you\’ll be ready a workout session using Siri. Though that could not sound groundbreaking as of this time, but you’ll comprehend the convenience if you find yourself scrambling around the little screen in negative temperatures.

Since these updates and features make use of new APIs for developers, therefore your Apple Watch Series 3 ought to be running watchOS 4.2 as a way to reap the benefits of these apps.

Source: Apple

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