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It\’s the joy of advertising and marketing with each day we are a completely new feature added. Some features are quite huge the planet notices (Snapchat\’s recent update) but some features are just so minute how they remain forever unnoticed. Frequently it\’s these unnoticed features that many of us start using a lot without even realizing. Today Twitter announced the same feature. Today marks the afternoon as soon as social media marketing app launched a brand new Bookmarks feature. This feature lets users just to save tweets for later access.

Bookmark, Save and Access

From now on, all tweets could have a current \’share\’ icon. This icon can be used in bookmarking and sharing tweets. Good company this icon should really make it less difficult for users to avoid wasting things publicly or privately, whatever suits them. Commonly we run into issues that we want to save later. So that we use screenshots and then there is a chance that the image will receive lost within our gallery.

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Twitter addressed the problem therefore we can simply bookmark the tweet using the share icon. Select \’Add Tweet to Bookmarks\’ option and you\’re simply set. All tweets that you\’ll save after a while, are going to be located in the \’Bookmarks\’ option. This feature are usually accessed in the profile icon menu. The bookmarks are going to be private no one will be ready to see what tweets you may have bookmarked. Initially the \’Like\’ button was used for preserving tweets.

The Bookmarks feature was first introduced way back in October and ended up being developed during a company-wide Hack Week. Ahead of the feature debut. The business shared regular particularly the increase. Good company, the feature may be rolled out globally on Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite, and

So, what do you think with this new feature?


Source: Twitter Officially Launches Bookmarks for Saving Tweets

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