"The massive Bitcoin Heist" – 600 Bitcoin Mining Servers Stolen from Data Centers in Iceland

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During four separate incidents, many hundreds of cryptocurrency miners were stolen in Iceland. The theft has brought about a variety of arrests in the country, including that of a security guard. These mining servers – over 600 advisors – are reportedly worth over?$2 million.

The police commissioner for the southwestern Reykjanes peninsula declared that the theft of them machines was the most significant within the nation’s history.?“It\’s a grand theft on the scale unseen before,” Olafur Helgi Kjartansson, police officers commissioner, said.

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“Everything points to this to be a highly organized crime.”

According on the Associated Press, some 600 computers were stolen from data centers as well as them were utilised to mine bitcoin and other digital currencies. While the valuation of treadmills itself is only around $2 million, attackers may make vast amounts of money with these servers for mining coins.

The local media is asking it the “Big Bitcoin Heist.”

While the incident originally happened in December which has a fourth burglary recorded in January, authorities didn’t involve the media positive to find the gang behind exactly what is being called a structured crime. Your analysis team also continuously monitor electric consumption in the united states to potentially track thieves, who – after months from the original incident – will often have started running the washing machine for mining bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Authorities are usually working with internet providers and electricians to find any unusual consumption.

Iceland may be essentially the most popular mining hubs, boasting a powerful ecosystem powered by the country’s cool climates, data center industry and renewable energy sources. The?North Atlantic nation has seen an influx of miners who are fascinated by the country’s?cheap, green energy through the geothermal powers. Criminals who carry on and shift their resources to digital currency heists have apparently also moved on to Iceland.

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