Facebook Collects Personal Data on 40% of EU Citizens

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\”The common advertising models ecosystem exploits sensitive important data for commercial purposes.\”

Facebook hasn\’t ever had been able keep European Union happy. The firm continues in order to manage multiple lawsuits in your community. Ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules who go into action later this coming year, the corporation has started what some are calling a huge PR campaign. However, the web 2 . 0 giant which has a thing for user data and contains over and over disregarded user privacy may face some major battles once these tougher privacy rules go live in the EU.

One research finds the company currently holds personal data on over 40% on the overall EU population. “The effects of our study reveal that Facebook labels 73% EU users with sensitive interests,” the researchers write. “This corresponds to 40% of your overall EU population.”

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The study reveals this data may be accessed by using a?malicious third-party for under 0.015 per user who will then unveil their identity based on the data collected via the social media.

The upcoming GDPR rules can certainly make it particularly tough for tech companies to exploit the private data in their users in the EU. Data like health problem, users’ political orientation, their sexual preferences, ethnic origin, non secular convictions, etc comes under sensitive important data which will carry privacy risks to users if leaked or accessed by malicious threat actors.

This study?by researchers in the University Carlos III of Madrid also revealed (via TNW) that Facebook labels over 73 percent of the company\’s EU users using their sensitive data. This means that the provider can identify nearly 205 million Europeans in line with the data it collects, putting their privacy and identity at stake.

The response to our paper urge an instant reaction from Facebook to get rid of from its ad preferences list those who can often infer the politic orientation, sexual orientation, health issues, religious believes or ethnic origin of a user for just two reasons:

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(i) this will be certain that Facebook complies with the GDPR, (ii) it is going to preserve the privacy of your users from attackers that seek to unveil the identity of groups of people related to (very) sensitive information.

What this data collection approach does to Facebook after GDPR rules and the way the data-obsessed company moves forward in a way without stalking its users everywhere online might be seen after the rules go live. Otherwise the provider faces about 4% from the global turnover in fines.

–?The research by University Carlos III is obtainable here.

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