Microsoft: We Aren't Always Lazy… That Unfixable Skype Bug? We Fixed That in October

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\”Yeah, we\’re not always old and slow…\”

On February the 13th, we reported a Skype bug a security researcher had suggested required Microsoft to rewrite code to obtain it addressed. Security researcher,?Stefan Kanthak, had also revealed that?“the attack can be easily weaponized.” We were treated to written to Microsoft for your clarification with that claim, while it took Redmond software giant two days to respond to this public disclosure, it appears to be the provider what food was in least prompt where it counts.

In an argument to Wccftech, Microsoft spokesperson asserted that the bug was fixed in October and doesn’t affect latest Skype versions.

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There was a challenge with an older type of the Skype for Windows desktop installer C version 7.40 reducing. The condition was in this method that installs the Skype software C the difficulty weren\’t inside the Skype software itself. Customers which have already installed this sort of Skype for Windows desktop will not be affected. We certainly have removed this older version of Skype for Windows desktop from website

In short, if you\’re running version 8, about to catch affected. The bug only affects Skype for Windows versions 7.40 and reduced. v8, which brought the fix, was launched in October. Microsoft reemphasized which the current version isn’t vulnerable to this trouble whatever the protection researcher suggested.

The installer for the current version of Skype for Windows desktop (v8) don\’t even have this trouble, and features been available since October, 2017.

Kanthak, a German security researcher, had informed Microsoft in the issue way back in September. He was told the fix will demand a “large code revision.” It seems like Redmond forgot to update whomever answerable for the invention that your bug had been fixed. Kanthak appears to have believed the code revision never was done, which drove him to reaching out to media for bug disclosure.

At the conclusion, it’s perfect news with the people and it also admins as they simply have one less bug then one less update to concern yourself. But security researchers, while everyone appreciates your hard work, please confirm if the bug’s been addressed before adding within the alert fatigue. In the western world Microsoft, please to update those who are actually helping you to fix bugs?

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