Western Union Customer Data Stolen – External Storage Firm Blamed

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Trusted Western Union with the money? This indicates the firm could have lost the information to hackers. Although the company covers testing transactions with Ripple and expects higher sales in 2018, it appears it’s having some troubles with security. A number of the Western Union consumers started locating a letter with the company a few weeks ago that informed them associated with a data breach which in fact have occurred on a data storage company utilised by WU. This breach ended in exposure of Western Union customer records.

“We\’ve discovered that some of the information appeared to be accessed without authorization caused by your working computer intrusion against a vendor system formerly utilised by Western Union for secure data storage,” the letter said. The provider added the letter which it had “promptly moved” its external secure storage completely to another (unnamed) vendor’s system; notified the police; engaged expert assistance, and it is “actively cooperating having a investigation.”

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It remains unclear what precisely personal information might have been compromised. Nevertheless the Reg reports that this storage archive contained:

  • Customer contact details
  • Bank names
  • Western Union internal customer ID numbers
  • Transaction amounts and times
  • Identification numbers

The company has assured that no financial information or bank card data was stolen with the hackers. The amount of money transfer giant can give affected customers each year of free identity-fraud protection.

While the corporation mightn\’t have published an advisory online alerting customers, it did get in touch with affected customers before any media attention – which seems the main reason why most companies are pushed to disclose breaches. The firm, however, won\’t share who this external data storage supplier is usually that suffered the breach bringing about information exposure.

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