California Voter Records Turn into Hot Commodity? 2nd Attack Reported

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Not the main it\’s got happened…

Thanks to your local newspaper, over 19 million California voter records were exposed online. The incident was held in January throughout a ransomware attack. In accordance with Sacramento Bee – the paper answerable for this latest exposure – the voter registration data was trapped in a secure database. However, after the routine maintenance by way of 3rd party server provider, the firewall didn’t go back on the internet and resulted in the database being available publicly for many days.

The paper didn’t learn about the incident until a developer noticed a slip-up vitally important to upload data and later on discovered that someone had accessed the database, deleted its data, and made a ransom note behind. The hacker had threatened the publication for deleting the info whenever they weren’t paid in bitcoins. However, The Bee decide to delete the database to avoid any future attacks.

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The issue visited entry due to?Kromtech Security Center who first discovered the details on January 31 and reviewed records before knowing who owned this data which was now within the public.

19 million California voters and 53,000 Bee subscribers affected

The exposure affects?19,501,258 voter files along with the home addresses, names, and speak to amount of 52,873 current and former Sacramento Bee subscribers. The Bee assures that none of the two databases contained?financial data including Social Security numbers, credit-based card numbers or bank account information.

“Two Sacramento Bee databases with a third-party computer server were seized last month by an anonymous hacker who demanded The Bee pay a ransom in Bitcoin to obtain the data back,” the publication reported the attack yesterday. “The intrusion, which was discovered by way of a Bee employee a while back, exposed one database containing California voter registration data with the California Secretary of State and another which in fact have info for 53,000 current and former Bee subscribers who activated their digital accounts ahead of 2017.”

\”We take this incident seriously and so are dealing with the Secretary of State\’s office to determine them the important points of this intrusion.”

Not the first time hackers have targeted California voter database

This is in fact your second incident involving a leak of voter records as being a MongoDB database containing voter files was leaked in December, too. As to why The Bee had admission to these files, the publication said hello had “obtained the voter registration database in the state for reporting purposes,” adding how the “state gives identical database along with other organizations, and many ones are also governed by attack – such as a 2017 incident in which a hacker created similarly worded interest on a Bitcoin ransom.”

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The publication’s owner The McClatchy Company said that no “your private data, as determined by the State of California, was involved” with this leak. Gizmodo – first to report this leak – reported that usage of voter info is restricted but not banned. Political campaigns, academic researchers and journalists can access this data. Nevertheless data offered by the state of hawaii doesn’t contain information like SSN,?permit numbers, or state ID numbers. [An earlier piece on leaked voter files includes a number of information that has been exposed]

Since the ransom note found lacking is a lot like usually the one posted by way of the hacker in December which in fact have first targeted the California voter files, it remains quite likely that the same actor may very well be targeting voter records while in the state. Law enforcement investigation would further highlight this possibility or maybe this was a entirely unrelated attack.

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