Mac Apps Can Record Your Screens & Steal Passwords

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Any macOS app, sandboxed or you cannot can take screenshots of one\’s Mac silently without you having any clue, claimed one security researcher over the past weekend. Felix Krause?achieved the headlines just a couple of months back when he showed how easy it absolutely was to phish users on iOS. Inside the latest, Krause suggests that Apple is ignoring a flaw that permits apps you just read text on the screen using basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and take screenshots.

Krause adds that any app will use?CGWindowListCreateImage?function to?take screenshots in the screen without user permission. “In doing my experiments, I piped the generated image to the site a OCR library and was able to get all text that\’s rendered within the user\’s machine,” he writes. While unverified and untested, Krause also shows that this access could also be used to get into all connected monitors. His blog post reads:

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Any Mac app, sandboxed or otherwise sandboxed can:

  • Take screenshots of your respective Mac silently without you knowing
  • Access every pixel, choice . Mac app influences background
  • Use basic OCR software to learn to read the call on the screen
  • Access all connected monitors

Talking about the most severe scenarios, Krause says that apps can see password and keys from online password management tools, “detect what web services you employ, read all emails and messages you open on your own Mac,?learn sensitive information for the user, similar bank details, salary, address, etc.”

Apple didn’t interact to researcher’s Mac security issue report

In an e-mail to Wccftech, Krause asserted Apple hasn’t addressed his bug report yet, which is why he previously to be public. “I’m sure will probably be resolved soon though,” he hopes.

Offering fixes to the present issue, the safety researcher wrote there is required to be an control and user ought to be the leader that has a permission dialog. “And also the user needs to be notified whenever an application accesses the screen,” he adds.

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“There are various valid use-cases for Mac apps to record the screen, e.g. 1Password 2fA support, screen recording software or even simple screen sharing via your web browser or Skype. However you need to have an control,”?Krause warned.?While the fixes he has got proposed look almost classy and straightforward, it’s unclear why Apple has ignored this matter and hasn’t yet implemented a fix.

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