Microsoft Releases Free Spectre, Meltdown Tool to gauge When your Windows Machines Are Vulnerable

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Microsoft has announced a free of charge tool for Meltdown and Spectre assessment. This tool – really new capabilities in Windows Analytics – will enable IT professionals to evaluate when the Windows devices across their network are safe against these devastating chip vulnerabilities.

“Customers\’ devices require both updates to CPU microcode (firmware) additionally, the Windows os, and anti-virus software needs to be works with the most up-to-date Windows updates,” Terry Myerson, Executive V . p ., Windows and Devices Group, wrote today.?Myerson announced that Microsoft is adding new capabilities towards the free Windows Analytics service that can report?the status of all the Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 devices connected in an enterprise.

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These new features of?Windows Analytics service include:

  • Anti-virus compatibility status
  • Windows OS security update status
  • Firmware status to verify in case your method is still in danger of Spectre and Meltdown bugs wish firmware update hasn’t been installed. [This has limitations to firmware security updates from Intel only, at the outset – more data shall be added later]

Considering how haywire the patching system is now online traffic bugs were revealed in January, they have turned into an issue for doing this pros by looking for machines remain vulnerable and just what exactly could possibly be performed on patch them. It’s hard purpose of average users to fit patches, uninstall buggy update, and reinstall the updates which have been sent, but once taking care of hundreds or maybe more machines, it gets almost impossible.

Since this tool considers all times of weakness in terms of the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, including antivirus and firmware security updates, hopefully it can be accustomed to patch many machines within a commercial environment minimizing potential risk of exposure.

– Specifics of free Windows Analytics tool for Meltdown and Spectre assessment can be purchased?here; to get more, visit Myerson’s article.?

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