Twitter Sending Emails to Americans Who Interacted w/ Russian Troll Accounts

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Twitter has recently announced that it\’s intending to send emails into a large number from the users who have fallen prey to online Research Agency (IRA) trolls. IRA may be a Russian government-linked propaganda farm that had accounts faking as Americans before and through the 2016 US Presidential election. Twitter reports any person who followed or interacted with your a bank account believing it had become as a famous but was unwittingly connected to a Russian propaganda farm are going to be receiving some text.

“As previously announced, we identified and suspended a number of accounts which were potentially linked to a propaganda effort using a Russian government-linked organization referred to as Investigation Agency (IRA),” the corporation?said (emphasis is ours). “According to our dedication to transparency, we are emailing notifications to 677,775 folks in north america who followed one such accounts or retweeted or liked a Tweet from the accounts while in the election period.”

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The company added that your relevant content, however, should cease being available as the account were already suspended. The sheer numbers of troll accounts is?3,814 – each of those over 677,000 people interacted auction web sites 3,800 Russian government-linked accounts throughout the election period. “Most user engagement was which includes a very tiny variety of IRA-associated accounts,” the announcement read. It needs to be noted that your is truly a jump through the originally reported number. Twitter had previously said after a hearing in October 2017 that?2,812 troll accounts were IRA-linked.

The company in addition shared some situations of content that received significant engagement.

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    “When we appeared prior to a Country Congress last fall, Twitter publicly sold on regularly updating both congressional committees and the public on findings from a ongoing review into events around the 2016 U.S. election,” Twitter said. “Were sold on making sure Twitter continues to be and secure for those users and serves to transfer healthy civic discussion and engagement.” The social network business is also sharing IRA-linked account handles with Congress and possesses promised to look at steps “against potential manipulation” of their platform.

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