Today's iOS Apps Gone FREE – Flow, Cuecard, Astronoidz & More

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Here’s the the most beneficial iOS apps that are offered to download free of charge today. It’s a small time offer for iPhone and iPad users.

Download the most effective Paid iOS Apps For no extra charge – Today Only

If you underwent an incredibly uneventful weekend you have to are likely to brighten your Monday track of several paid iOS apps which have gone free. These types of apps command a premium asking price with a regular day as well as for a smallish time frame you possibly can download each of them absolutely free. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and begin downloading currently!

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Speech Jammer – Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Have you wanted to silence someone? Probably your over-talkative colleague, friend, spouse, or in-laws. Speech Jammer Zapper might help!

Speech Jammer Zapper exploits mental loophole designed to confuse the target’s brain to ensure that he/she has to stop talking, with no physical discomfort. Speech Zap utilizes psychological discovering that when you hear your voice played back for your requirements having a delay you may start stuttering and then have to stop speaking.

Download Speech Jammer for iOS [App Store link]

Gymster+ Weight Lifting Log – Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

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“Great app for creating random workouts at the health club. Tell the app what equipment you need, what number of exercises for you to do as well as what muscles you need to operate on but it will the rest. Genius but simple”

Are you bored of the usual workouts & tasteless “clean” recipes? Never be bored again and download Gymster!

Download Gymster+ Lifting weights Log for iOS [App Store link]

Single Origin – Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

With step by step instructions, you’ll be guided to make perfect coffee when. While in the recipe, when you go into the grams of coffee you’d want to brew, the instructions update let you know the perfect amount of water to attain an exact coffee to water ratio. Additionally, timers are used in every brew method’s instructions to help you get the ideal bloom and pour.

Download Single Origin for iOS [App Store link]

Flow – Regular price $4.99, Now FREE

Overwhelmed via your mobile inbox?

Flow presents your mail for a continuous feed, so that you can review and act with your mail without ever losing context, and marking each mail as read when it\’s scrolled above mid screen.

Tame your mobile inbox! Install for your iPhone today!

Download Flow for iOS [App Store link]

Let’s led – Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Let\’s Led turns your iphone/ipad into an ticker display. a time clock, along with over 100 symbol, you\’ll be able to send any message you want.

Download Let’s led for iOS [App Store link]

Cuecard – Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

The revolutionary to-do app that makes use of simple icons as visual Cues to remind you of your important tasks!

To remember your career, simply make a choice of the beautifully crafted built-in Cues as a visual reminder.

Download Cuecard for iOS [App Store link]

Astronoidz – Regular price $2.99, Now FREE

Blast your method through wave after wave of this arcade-style shooter.
Inspired with the classics and infused with modern graphics, this space shooter will provide hours of fun.

Download Astronoidz for iOS [App Store link]

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