Here's What sort of iPhone 6s Performance Measures Pre and post Battery Replacement – Video

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It was confirmed in December of last year that Apple stunted older iPhone models for own good. As batteries age, Apple throttled about the performance from the devices that can be struggling to handle the body weight. While users could not grab the operation as Apple wanted, the organization lowered the cost of battery replacements to try to allow users to go back to full power. Now, a whole new video has surfaced which shows the performance comparison on the iPhone 6s pre and post battery replacement. Let’s try it out.

iPhone 6s Shows Notable Difference In Performance Before And After Battery Replacement

Shared by Bennet Sorbo, film details how great of any performance difference occurs following iPhone 6s battery continues to be substituted with Apple. As per Sorbo, his iPhone 6s was purchased eighteen months ago and it is performance was being throttled until the battery replacement. In the video shared below, you will come across an individual iPhone 6s model by two different periods – both before and after the device’s battery was replaced.

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Sorbo walks through his iPhone 6s, opening various apps and what won\’t be unexpected is a performance. Prior to a battery replacement, his iPhone 6s was underperforming, app launch times are greater and also time it takes to organize the app for usage. The throttling is most noticeable when handling graphics-intensive tasks or tasks that process a lot of information.

Before battery replacement, the Geekbench score to the iPhone 6s was 2485 while as soon as the battery was replaced, it jumped up to 4422. The numbers clearly are convinced that the performance was almost doubled. Apple’s iOS 11.3 currently rests while in the beta phase which carries the opportunity to disable throttling at user’s own risk. The results would contribute to unexpected shutdowns. Normally, you\’d probably have got to be able to observe the status of your respective battery as well.

There may well be more to the story, so you should definitely a lot more for more details. This is often all for now, folks. What exactly are your opinions on Apple going slower older iPhone models? Has your device slowed? Share your views along with us in the comments.

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