Samsung Acquires AI Startup Kngine To enhance Its Bixby Virtual Assistant

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Every smartphone manufacturer is going to develop its va. Apple with Siri, Google with Google Assistant and Microsoft with Cortana came a lengthy?way. However, Samsung is still hoping to improve it’s Bixby marketing assistant. Now, this company has acquired an AI startup, Kngine to help bolster Bixby with regard to functionality. With that said, Samsung is taking all the stake while in the company which can be answerable for developing artificial intelligent search engine optimization competent at understanding and answering questions. Let’s take a look to discover some other particulars on the problem.

Samsung Acquired AI Startup Kngine To boost Its Bixby Virtual Assistant

Kngine first began its operations in 2013 in Egypt. This company emphasizes on its website which the AI engine crawls on the web, enterprise documents, books, FAQs and even more in order to make the?\”biologically plausible knowledge representations,\” which states that AI functions like a brain.

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Initially, the AI first understands the questions after which breaks it down into several parts before it really works to ascertain the solution. Once this is done, it is through its knowledge graph containing conjoined information from numerous documents to discover the possible and relevant answer.

A Samsung spokesperson has revealed to The Investor the fact that company’s venture capital unit Samsung Next has invested in the AI startup Kngine in collaboration with Vodafone Ventures Egypt in 2014. Down the line, Samsung Research America took hold of the 100 % stake while in the company in last year.

However, that isn\’t the very first time that Samsung has acquired a startup. Furthermore, there isn\’t any official word in respect of once we would be aware of the end result in the acquisition. However, it looks like the firm is heading within the right derection. You\’ll encounter more to your story, so you\’ll want to keep tuned in for more information.

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This is all for the present time, folks. Just what are your ideas on Samsung acquiring Kngine? Do you believe AI implementation of AI in Bixby enables it to supply Google Assistant a difficult time? Share your views about while in the comments.

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