Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17110 Obtainable for Fast Ring Only

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Microsoft has begun to unveil Windows 10 Redstone 4 Insider Preview Build 17110 to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. Today’s update is the second one with this branch that is definitely focused almost completely on bug fixes rather than additional features. However, it can bring some improvements for Enterprise customers in Redstone 4. Here’s the total changelog.

What’s new in Windows 10 Redstone 4?17110

Enterprises can run custom actions during feature update: In RS4, we\’ve been adding a different feature that will enable your small business to perform your custom actions/scripts synchronously with setup. Setup will execute custom actions during two update phases controlled utilizing preinstall.cmd or precommit.cmd:

  • Pre-install:?This could be in advance of each of the system and device compatibility scans run.
  • Pre-commit: This could be ahead of the device reboots in to the offline phase.

Setup also migrates the scripts for future updates. Any time an update failure or rollback, a lack of ability.cmd script can be used to perform custom operations or undo actions of previous custom scripts.

Run (Migrate):

  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\run\\<GUID>\\preinstall.cmd
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\run\\<GUID>\\precommit.cmd
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\run\\<GUID>\\failure.cmd
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\run\\<GUID>\\reflectdrivers\\foo.inf
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\run\\<GUID>\\reflectdrivers\\foo.sys

Run Once (Really don\’t migrate):

  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\runonce\\<GUID>\\preinstall.cmd
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\runonce\\<GUID>\\precommit.cmd
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\runonce\\<GUID>\\failure.cmd
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\runonce\\<GUID>\\reflectdrivers\\bar.inf
  • C:\\Windows\\System32\\update\\runonce\\<GUID>\\reflectdrivers\\bar.sys

Enterprises can run post rollback scripts in system context?: Current /postrollback scripts run if ever the first user logs in after the rollback has admin privileges. We received feedback from the 3 major enterprises that almost all of their total employees don\’t have admin privileges. With RS4, we are enabling /postrollback scripts to perform in admin context or system context.

We usually are not changing the behaviour within the existing /postrollback switch. We have now added a whole new switch /postrollbackcontext \”xxx\” to use along with /postrollback alteration to specify whereby context would the scripts be executed:

  • To run /postrollback scripts in system context

C??????? setup.exe /postrollback c:\\Fabrikam\\setuprollback.cmd /postrollbackcontext system

  • To run /postrollback scripts with first user to login have admin privileges (admin context)

C??????? setup.exe /postrollback c:\\Fabrikam\\setuprollback.cmd /postrollbackcontext admin

Windows containers

Docker for Windows users, we\’re flighting the matching Windows container images of Server Core and Nano Server into the Docker Hub for continued testing and feedback.? We appreciate you all of the great feedback and please keep it coming!

Today’s release also is constantly fix various issues, including several Green Screen of Death problems, Cortana troubles, and Game Bar issues. You can examine them out from Microsoft. Windows 10 Redstone 4 Build 17110 also brings a handful of known issues, including:

  • Selecting a notification after picking a screenshot or game clip opens the Xbox app\’s desltop rather then opening the screenshot or game clip.
  • Post-install along at the first user-prompted reboot or shutdown, a small amount of devices have seen circumstances wherein the OS ceases to load properly and may enter a reboot loop state. For affected PCs, turning off fast boot may bypass the condition. Otherwise, it is vital to establish a bootable ISO from an ISO on the USB drive, boot into recovery mode, consuming allow bypass.
  • When Movies & TV user denies usage of its videos library (with the \”Let Movies & TV access your videos library?\” popup window or through Windows privacy settings), Movies & TV crashes when the user navigates to the \”Personal\” tab.

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