Apple Confirms Some Encrypted iCloud Data Is Stored On the internet Servers

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While Apple and Google are a couple of different companies operating in their own personal list of methods, sometimes they trust in the other to finish their operations. However, Apple has confirmed it\’s with all the Google Cloud Platform for you to store many of its encrypted iCloud account data. However, the results stored does not contain any user-identifying data. The company has utilized Amazon’s S3 alongside Microsoft Azure, but it is declared that rogues is substituted with Google’s cloud storage service. So let’s take a look to check out more exactly the challenge.

Some Of Apple’s iCloud Information is Stored On Google’s Cloud Based Platform

The news is without a doubt not old as back in 2016, it was initially suggested that Apple would be bringing Google into your mesh. However, there was no news and then and today’s news is the first official statement. First spotted by CNBC, Apple’s data on Google’s servers might include Calendar, Contacts, Photos and Videos, documents as well as other discovered. So what should it mean? Is Google capable of seeing the information? Simply what does it mean for privacy?

Each file is accessed chunks and encrypted by iCloud using AES-128 along with a key created from each chunk\’s contents that utilizes SHA-256. The keys as well as file\’s metadata are stored by Apple inside the user\’s iCloud account. The encrypted chunks of your file are stored, with no user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, for instance S3 and Google Cloud Platform.

As looking at their home, Google does not have any ways of accessing the encrypted data. The only thing Google are able to see is encrypted data generates no sense for the company, while still which consists of servers. To ensure the platform remains safe and secure for a lot of user’s personal information. Apple has not yet shared more information and it\’s reluctant to accomplish this. This might possibly show that the same data could possibly be potentially stored across other platforms as well.

There are definitely more towards the story, so make sure you stay tuned in for more information. For now, share your views on Apple storing its iCloud user data on Google’s servers. Share your views about inside comments.

Source: CNBC

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