Microsoft Promises to Make Windows 10 Update Process Faster

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Windows upgrade process create a lot of time. Considerably! Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft was wondering about letting users resume interrupted Windows 10 downloads. It seems that the application giant is pushing its engineers to really make the entire process much easier and reduce the who\’s takes to download Windows 10 updates.

In a result to a tweet, Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar asserted that Microsoft is pushing its dev team to lessen some time it will take to update Windows 10 machines.

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Now THIS is something we are pushing the dev team for, it\’ll benefit EVERY user.

— Dona Sarkar (@donasarkar) February 20, 2018

As folks at Windows Central noted the Redmond software maker has been focusing on this since several years. While using Unified Update Platform (UUP), the organization reduced download sizes with targeted updates by nearly 35 percent. “A differential download package contains precisely the changes that were made since the before you updated your device, as opposed to a full build,” the corporation said back then explaining the way it was cutting down the bloat within the download packages.

It remains unclear precisely what is Microsoft currently doing to lessen Windows 10 upgrade time. However, together with the company delivering updates at a rate since Windows 10 was published as the service, let’s hope this is an issue that they is focusing on a high priority. With increased improvements within this with the capacity to resume interrupted Windows 10 downloads, it update process will hopefully stop being such a major headache for consumers who will have to manage it each month.

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