Yahoo Mail Broken for iOS Users, Still – Company Ensures a Fix is in the Works

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For quite a few users, Yahoo email seriously isn\’t working in the native iOS Mail app. If you’re one too, then you’ll be willing to learn that Yahoo is focusing on a solution for the problem.

Yahoo Email Is a Mess Since iOS 11’s Launch – will be the Issue with Apple or Yahoo?

Users of Yahoo Mail have seen his or her service is deterioration properly in any respect if signed in utilizing the native iOS Mail app. Issues such as the lack of ability send and receive mail and inboxes suddenly disappearing may be commonplace. It has been happening from the moment iOS 11 launched soon after during the past year. Interestingly, Yahoo is well aware of this trouble as well as set free a statement last December that it is currently taking care of a fix for the challenge. At the time of writing, it’s absolutely unclear get the job done issue lies with Apple or Yahoo itself. Now though, Yahoo has chimed in once again and possesses assured that everything are going to be resolved as well as business is actively working on the most effective. Here’s the statement released by Yahoo for the matter:

We be aware that some Yahoo Mail users are currently seeing issues when accessing their emails using a Mail app. We apologize to the people affected and tend to be working quickly to solve it. You can look at utilizing the web or Yahoo Mail app to get into your email at the same time.

If you rely on Yahoo quite a bit for email, then your ideal thing you can use at this time is download the official Yahoo Mail app either against your iPhone or iPad. It’s completely free. Essential, owning an email account signed to the Mail app have their own particular set of advantages that’s why people would possibly not select the dedicated Yahoo Mail app at this time.

Let’s just hope this one’s fixed real soon.

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