Tips on how to Remove Videos from YouTube History on iOS, Android, Web

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Here’s how one can remove / delete videos from YouTube history with your phone, tablet or maybe the Web.

YouTube saves a record of your complete watched videos in a nice chronological list. But, the problem is, should you have someone existing with you that keeps watch for issues that you shouldn’t be watching – just like Nickelback videos – then it’s recommended that you clear your history before they understand and things turn sour suddenly. So, without further ado, buy your phone, tablet or launch your internet browser and learn to clear YouTube history.

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On Your Phone or Tablet

1. Launch the YouTube app.

2. Now tap over the ‘Library’ tab.

3. Now select ‘History.’

4. Over here you’ll see all your videos indexed in chronological order. Just get the one you prefer to delete, and you’re a-ok. On iOS, swipe left on the video and tap on ‘Remove.’ Android users can tap for the ‘three dots’ icon to the right and select ‘Remove from Watch History.’

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On the Web

1. Open the YouTube website at:

2. Topside left hand corner, click on the little three lines next to the YouTube logo.

3. Visit History.

4. Locate the video you intend to remove from YouTube background and then click on the little ‘X’ icon close to it. Boom, you’re invisible now!

That’s the way you delete videos through the history. Now, hardly ever this book can be used to give you away from trouble. It works as a goal of educating those that this can be done and you can use it if the situation arises. Understand it?

We is going to be back with more tutorials honest safe music downloads, so keep tuned in. For the time being, that you\’re at liberty to share your newly acquired knowledge with other sites near you.

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