Apple's New APFS File System in macOS High Sierra Could cause Data loss

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A bug seen in Apple’s APFS file system in macOS High Sierra might cause loss of data. Even so it has no effect on everyone. Only specific use-cases.

Apple’s APFS File System Bug Affects Sparse Disk Images – Startup Volumes Remain Absolutely Unaffected

If you are macOS High Sierra user and then make employ ‘sparse’ disk images then you’ll be blown away to understand than a bug causes all the OS to inaccurately track free storage area, causing data to be lost once for all or even tracked properly through the user.

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First discovered by the creator of Carbon Copy Cloner, Mike Bombich, the bug is very deceiving to users. For example, you could possibly write a full file at a sparse disk image and it seems just like important things have undergone absolutely fine even when the physical space for storage seriously isn\’t there to jot down it.

In Mike’s case, he copied a relevant video file, double-checked if everything was copied properly, and in many cases replayed it and everything seemed OK to start with. But the main problem began to manifest itself as he unmounted the sparse disk image and remounted it, only to find the fact that video he copied was totally corrupted.

Here’s the way it decreased in Mike’s own words:

Earlier soon I observed that an APFS-formatted sparsebundle disk image volume showed ample free space, despite the fact that the root disk was completely full. Curious, I copied a youtube video file into the disk image volume to determine what would happen. The main file copied without error! I opened the file, verified that this video replayed beginning to end, checksummed the file

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