New Bug Causes iPhone, Mac And Apple Watch Apps To Crash When Indian Character Is Received

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When Apple presented its latest iOS 11 update to the public, it had numerous bugs that should be fixed. Within the time frame, this company did release several updates that handled several bugs and also triggered enhancing device’s performance. However, iOS 11 is Apple’s a type of releases which happens to be crawling with bugs. Now, a brand new bug has been discovered in iOS 11 allowing the Messages along with other apps to crash when an Indian character is received with the device. So let’s have a deeper go through the matter.

Indian Character Crashes iMessage Along with other Apps When Received On iOS Device

Previously, we now have reported several instances where sending a certain code or variety of letters which often can possibly harm your iPhone. This is often yet another similar case in which an iOS device causes the Messages app to crash, ultimately leaving users can not open it up again. As mentioned earlier, sending a unique Telugu character (Indian language) will crash your iOS device’s Messages along with apps and definitely will unable you to open it up again.

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The bug was basically highlighted by an Italian website, Mobile World. The positioning further states the specific characters will crash any app on what the characters are displayed. This means that the bug is not really confined to iOS Messages app. However, it might require a DFU to refurbish it now and again.

If the is displayed within an application (WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.), the app showcased will crash and will always close when you aim to start it.?The situation becomes worse when someone supplies you with the symbol and iOS efforts to show it in the?notification: in this situation, the whole Springboard (ie the machine software that manages the house) will likely be blocked.

If you happen to be a victim from the bug, The Verge suggests any option to resolve it. Besides iOS devices alone, the bug also crashes apps within the Apple Watch together with Macs. This means the main problem is well disseminate throughout the ecosystem.

We\’ve tested it successfully on multiple iPhones running iOS 11.2.5 [-] It appears that the only method regain usage of your iMessages could be to have another friend give back a note and try to delete the thread that contained the bad character.

The Verge further points too the challenge has been specifically resolved while in the public beta of iOS 11.3. This means that Apple is aware about the challenge. Permanent fox for your average person will arrive in one\’s destiny update, so you should definitely keep a lookout for doing it.

This is actually all for the moment, folks. Share your ideas over the new character bug causing iMessage along with apps to crash during the comments.

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