Microsoft's New 'Photos Companion' iOS App Makes It Easier For Users To Transfer Photos To PC

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iOS is not going to really go seamlessly with os. For instance, Apple does not allow file transfer from iOS to Android or even Windows inside a cleaner way, requiring no excessive medium. Seeing that we know than a medium is called for, company’s are already attempting to develop their particular couple of system apps so as to minimize your energy required when transferring files and photos. Microsoft has released a brand new iOS app today called Photos Companion which happens to be oriented towards users of Windows 10 devices. The app basically allows users to transfer photos from Apple devices to PCs. So let’s jump in to check out more exactly the issue.

Microsft’s New iOS App ‘Photo Companion’ Makes Photo Transfer Easier On Windows 10 PC

Microsoft’s Photo Companion app rested in the beta phase way back in? November that connected to the Windows 10 Photos app. The linkage required scanning a QR code and then multiple photos could be brought to the PC covering the same Wi-Fi network.

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Microsoft expects the app to draw students who\’re at risk of not have a backup with their photos on a Cloud server.

We began developing a simple, experimental app for iOS and Android to find out if we were able to unblock educators and help them begin using the Photos app inside their classrooms. We knew that students often captured on multiple phones or tablets, but leveraged only one “project” PC to collect their media and prepare their final project. All of us knew that Wi-Fi access while in the classroom was great between devices, but that any solution that required the cloud for transfer might be blocked by overloaded networks.

Our solution were to build an application that would support direct wireless transfer between any phone or cellphone as well as Photos app on any Windows 10 PC. This will enable students to transfer media to their own personal computers – so they can a shared, project PC – without worrying about network speeds or mobile data charges.

Microsoft’s Photo Companion will towards the iOS offerings complimenting its wider mobile strategy. Since Windows Phones’ support ended in July, select longer inside will develop Windows 10 Mobile features. This states which the company can easily concentrate on other items. You will have more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned for more for further.

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This is actually in the meantime, folks. Precisely what are your ideas on Microsoft releasing a new iOS app called Photo Companion for transferring photos to Windows 10 PC? Share your views here from the comments.

Download Photos Companion From your App Store

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