Siri On HomePod Lags Behind Alexa And Google Assistant With 52 Percent Accuracy

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Apple’s HomePod smart speaker currently is designed to everyone. Recently, we’re hearing positive reviews within the sound quality of your device despite its smaller form factor. However, accountant los angeles factors that also need to be considered apart from the audio quality alone. Henceforth, Loup Ventures took the freedom running a series of tests over the past weekend which can give you a clearer insight regarding how the Siri-powered speaker stacks up resistant to the competition from Alexa additionally, the Google Assistant.

Siri On HomePod Scores Behind Google Assistant And Alexa In Questions Answered Correctly

The HomePod test ran through Siri the 782 questions like the?\”comprehensive tests of quality of sound and usability.\” While capable to understand?99.4 % with the commands, Apple’s marketing assistant can answer 52.3 % properly. This in comparison to the Google Home was quite below with the Google Assistant reaching the 81 percent of commands answered properly.

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In contrast to the Amazon smart speaker, Alexa reached 64 percent while Microsoft’s Cortana reached 57 percent, both that are comparatively higher regarding percentage. However, we\’ve got to also keep in mind that several of the questions asked within the test are yet not supported by the HomePod which constitutes of queries associated with navigation, calling and email. Removing this questions with the list raised the command response rate to 67 percent, that\’s across the percentage scored by Alexa and Cortana.

Last week we surveyed 500 folks the U.S. found 3.3% said they will get a HomePod in the next year. Among those surveyed who already own an Apple product, 5.2% planned on selecting a HomePod. This is certainly the same as 7% of Apple product owners planned to shop for an Apple Watch prior to its launch in Spring of 2015.

Loup Ventures also surveyed 500 individuals the usa and found results which suggested that 3.3 percent ones were about to obtain the HomePod pick up. Now on time, Apple is marketing its HomePod as great Siri-powered smart speaker. You\’ll encounter more to this particular, so don\’t forget to keep tuned in for lots more.

This is actually all in the meantime, folks. Exactly what your thinking on Apple’s HomePod scoring behind the Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana concerning questions answered correctly? Share your views with us during the comments.

Source: Loup Ventures

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